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Paper maintenance records? Introducing Dials: modern maintenance management for teams, on your phone.

Save money, get organized, and eliminate emergencies—for cities, schools, and households.

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Behind every great building is a property manager.

“Finally—our meetings are smooth, and our reserves are under control.”

David Albrecht, Treasurer, City Center Plaza

As the volunteer treasurer of a 350-unit condo, David uses Dials to develop the Association’s reserve spending and contribution plan. With board time at a premium, using Dials to keep photos, notes, and maintenance records organized has made it insidpensible for efficient meetings and better planning.

“Let me know how to improve my use of this app, I think it is pretty cool.”

Timothy Ray, Owner, JBR Property Maintenance

Plowing, changing locks, whatever it takes—across more than a dozen commercial buildings in Chicago’s South Suburbs. Timothy's work has quite the audience: management companies, property owners, cooperating tradespeople (HVAC), and even new prospects. Timothy used to send photos via text, but switched to Dials to ensure his notes are available to anyone who needs them, tomorrow, or ten years from now.

“A big help keeping track of everything.”

Philip Lee, Property Manager, City Center Plaza

It takes a lot to manage a 15 story highrise: dozens of employees repairing three-phase exhaust motors and waterproofing membranes, filing insurance inspections, keeping backup generators fueled, and recording vendor activity on overhead garage doors and fire protection systems—in a mix of Spanish, English, and Cantonese. Task management and team coordination ensure nothing slips through the cracks, with photographic evidence proving the work got done.

The power of digital photography

You're too busy for phone tag or wasted trips. A photographic, time-stamped log of every issue, repair, and fix, available on your phone.

First, create your "Place" in Dials: City Hall, Shady Grove Apartments, Mall of America. Give it a nice photo so everyone can recognize it.
Tenant said the sink was spraying. You came over, and saw the aerator cap had fallen off—saved in Dials.
At the hardware store...is it the right part? Check the record in Dials to be sure.

Contractor has a question? Stop telling, start showing

Trust us—contractors don't like chasing clients for answers any more than you enjoy missed calls. Give them direct access by inviting them to Dials, so they can see exactly what's going on—no call required.

Time to replace the stove. What type of plug does it have? Good thing you logged a photo.
The appliance store needs to know the plug type. Invite them to Dials so they can see for themselves.
Stove installed, correct plug type.
Installation recorded directly to Dials by the delivery company.

Run a business? Grow your audience with Dials.

Are we the only ones who feel social media is like a baby? A great source of happiness (leads) if you keep the attention (posts) coming, but in need of constant feeding. And if you leave it alone for five minutes, it throws a tantrum and tries to suck you back in. Dials is a low-cost alternative to a social media manager, automating publication of jobsite photos to your pages.

The new concrete you installed looks great—pull out Dials and snap a photo.
Publish the record to Facebook with Dials so everyone can see your great work.

Share knowledge, keep up with friends, and discuss problems with Dials.

Have you seen problems with this relay?
Any chance this floor has asbestos?
Can you believe this idiot ripped out the fire alarm?

Used by everyone from homeowners to large businesses and governments.

All prices quoted per team (not person). 30-day trial standard with all paid plans.


Homeowners and individuals. Create checklists, plan spending, and collaborate with contractors.


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Small property owners, condos, and nonprofits. Ensure the next board knows when the roof was replaced.


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Hotels, schools, larger apartments and condos. Ditch the clipboard—one place for the team's activities, tasks, and notes.


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Cities, hospitals, universities. Includes phone support, onboarding, support for teams of 100+.

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