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Ditch the clipboard—keep everyone in sync with Dials, the electronic file drawer for your team's work.

Field-ready tools for taking inventory, scheduling work, and logging progress. For the public works, two-unit condos, and everything in between.

Fix it with Dials

Condo boards, maintenance guys, and property managers love us.

“Finally—our meetings are smooth, and our reserves are under control.”

David Albrecht, Treasurer, City Center Plaza

As the volunteer treasurer of a 350-unit condo, David uses Dials to develop the Association’s reserve spending and contribution plan. With board time at a premium, using Dials to keep photos, notes, and maintenance records organized has made it insidpensible for efficient meetings and better planning.

“Let me know how to improve my use of this app, I think it is pretty cool.”

Timothy Ray, Owner, JBR Property Maintenance

Plowing, changing locks, whatever it takes—across more than a dozen commercial buildings in Chicago’s South Suburbs. Timothy's work has quite the audience: management companies, property owners, cooperating tradespeople (HVAC), and even new prospects. Timothy used to send photos via text, but switched to Dials to ensure his notes are available to anyone who needs them, tomorrow, or ten years from now.

“A big help keeping track of everything.”

Philip Lee, Property Manager, City Center Plaza

It takes a lot to manage a 15 story highrise: dozens of employees repairing three-phase exhaust motors and waterproofing membranes, filing insurance inspections, keeping backup generators fueled, and recording vendor activity on overhead garage doors and fire protection systems—in a mix of Spanish, English, and Cantonese. Task management and team coordination ensure nothing slips through the cracks, with photographic evidence proving the work got done.

One feed to rule them all

Who, what, where, and when—with photographic proof. Today, and ten years from now.

Social sharing with the team, and beyond

No more phone tag—give vendors direct access to they can see for themselves.

Time to replace the stove. What type of plug does it have? Good thing you logged a photo.
The appliance store needs to know the plug type. Invite them to Dials so they can see for themselves.
Stove installed, correct plug type.
Installation recorded directly to Dials by the delivery company.

Take inventory and plan maintenance

Don't forget to read the meter.

Ready to show off? Put it on Facebook

Your best work deserves to be seen. Show off the new concrete pour, or the lawn you just cut.

The new concrete you installed looks great—pull out Dials and snap a photo.
Publish the record to Facebook with Dials so everyone can see your great work.

Share knowledge, keep up with friends, and discuss problems with Dials.

Have you seen problems with this relay?
Any chance this floor has asbestos?
Can you believe this idiot ripped out the fire alarm?

Maintenance Economics

Go deep. Original writing from the team at Dials helping you plan, budget, or sell a bit better.

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Homeowners, apartments, condos, and nonprofits. Ensure the filters get changed, and the next board knows when the roof was replaced.


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Hotels, schools, larger apartments and condos. A single place to keep records, monitor what the team's doing, and plan future work.


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Cities, hospitals, universities. Our larger plan featuring a structured onboarding process, phone support, and tools for larger teams (100+).

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