Running a California HOA?

Put it on auto.

Introducing Dials: the master checklist for HOAs. Save time, automate notices and disclosures, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Leave the paperwork to us and focus on what matters: community, property value—and taking back your weekend.

Coming Spring 2022

Low-cost tools that save time and keep you out of court

“PERSONAL LIABILITY for the $140,000 elevator project?”

David Albrecht, Treasurer, City Center Plaza

After board approval, David signed the contract for the elevator modernization. Although careful to sign as a corporate officer, he later learned the association's corporate status was suspended, exposing him—and the rest of the board—to full personal liability for the contract.

Don't let this happen to you! Dials files annual statements automatically, keeping board members safe from personal liability.

“Disclosures: a wheelbarrow of paper”

Philip Lee, Property Manager, City Center Plaza

California law requires associations to send members more than 20 separate documents to every member, at up to two separate addresses, each year. Dials collects these documents throughout the year, making end-of-year sending a breeze.